With the continued growth of electric mobility, more and more drivers are making the switch to EVs. Meanwhile, new owners of electric vehicles are often confused by which chargers to use, the public charging infrastructure for electric cars, and also choosing the right charging cable.


With the proliferation of electric cars globally, new EV owners will first need to figure out the most economic and convenient way of charging their vehicle. Apart from chargers, charging cables is an essential component of powering EVs that are often neglected by new drivers.



Apart from the cable type and power output, there are a more key few factors to consider to ensure the cable is suitable for your EV model and charging needs.


IP Rating and Durability


EV charging cables have IP ratings which refer to their durability and waterproof standards. Cables should be able to withstand the elements and also charge your vehicle in wet weather conditions. As a general rule, look for charging cables made of quality materials with sturdy connectors.


Charging Speed


The charging cable should be capable of handling the maximum charging speed of your vehicle.


Quality Standard


As with most outdoor electrical equipment, there are specific quality standards in place for EV charging cables. Apart from being waterproof and durable, the inner wiring should be protected by a strong exterior, capable of resisting fluid ingress and rough handling, and even withstanding great forces like the weight of a car wheel.


Cable Length


The length of your charging cable is also a key consideration, and it will largely depend on where you usually park and charge your EV. For instance, if your vehicle is parked far away from the power source or charging station, you may want to have a longer cable to reach the charger conveniently.




Just like any other product, you should choose a reputable brand that comes with warranty for the cable. This is essentially a guarantee that you are getting quality product, while you may also want to check out product reviews on relevant forums and websites.


All in all, choosing the right accessories including charging cables will ensure a satisfactory experience with your new EV. As EV technology and charging efficiency continue to improve, you may be able to charge your vehicle faster and with additional convenience. So, it is important to choose quality cables that can handle your vehicle’s maximum capacity, while also being compatible with the latest technology such as apps and remote control or scheduling functions.


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